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Obtaining digital signatures from your clients

Many Financial Advisors and Planners currently need to determine what solutions they can implement to obtain their client’s signatures digitally, especially for clients who has limited technological experience.Over the coming weeks, I will share my view on some of the tools available in the market. The first is an extremely popular choice, namely Adobe Sign […]

What Freedom means to me

I have revised my sentiment to say Freedom means that if you are willing to, and you have the right intentions, you should have the opportunity to make a difference using your skills, knowledge and talents. It should not be about your age, race, background, or gender.

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Breaking News: CPD Extention Granted

The FSCA has granted certain extensions for FSP due to the outbreak of COVID19 The extensions granted includes the submission of Statutory Returns and Fit and Proper Requirements. Under the Fit and Proper extensions, Regulatory Examinations, Class of Business Training, Product specific training, qualifications and CPD all received extensions. The most important to note under […]

Why do we talk about money?

Following from my article Money is not about Money, I now pose the question to you, If it is not about money then why do we talk about money? As Financial Planners we are great at telling people how to reach their goals. We teach them that they need to plan, protect their plan and […]

, Money is not about money

I have came to realise that the conversations we have about money are not about money. So often we get stuck in economic pressures, feeling indebted and overwhelmed when we talk about money and then you realise… It is not about money, it’s not even about our behaviour or consumerism, but it’s just about us. […]

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