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About Barbara Mundell

Barbara is an enthusiastic speaker and educator who believes that financial planning by ethical and professional Financial Planners has the power to change lives. She is dedicated to the continued professional development of Financial Planners and assisting them to create client-centric ecosystems that will enable consumers to make better financial decisions. In 2019, Barbara founded her company with the aim of assisting Financial professionals with the delivery of their services to educated consumers. As Director of Barbara Mundell Consult (Pty) Ltd she has made it her Mission to assist stakeholders in the Financial Planning profession to enhance the service they provide to their clients. This is achieved through Personalised Continued Professional Development Programmes and Business Support for financial advisors and planners. Barbara, with unquestionable ethics, will always take accountability for her actions and deliver on her promises. Embracing change, remaining agile and diligently striving to assist her clients to face their challenges with integrity, will ensure not only her future success but also those whose lives she touches.

What Freedom means to me

I have revised my sentiment to say Freedom means that if you are willing to, and you have the right intentions, you should have the opportunity to make a difference using your skills, knowledge and talents. It should not be about your age, race, background, or gender.

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