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With PlannerPartner™ you have access to premium Technical Services at affordable rates. The packages have be complied to provide you support where you need it most. Where you require a service and it is not listed, please let us know.

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PlannerPartner™ Premium

PlannerPartner™ Premium Subscription includes:

• Unlimited Technical Opinions
• Annual PlannerPartner™ CPD Assessment
• WhatsApp Advisor™
• 2 Free CPD Courses
• Discounted CPD Programmes
• Due Diligence Report Review
• 3 Financial Plan Reviews

PlannerPartner™ Basic

PlannerPartner™ Basic Subscription includes:

• Twelve 12 Technical Opinions
• Annual PlannerPartner™ CPD Assessment
• WhatsApp Advisor™
•1 Free CPD Course

PlannerPartner™ Core

PlannerPartner™ Core Subscription includes:

• Twelve 12 Technical Opinions

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We know that Financial Planners are time poor. Financial planning is a complex field that incorporates many pieces of legislation, interpretation notes and case law.

Our Technical Opinions will help you understand the questions, interpret the law and give you alternatives.

In April every year, we will compile a list of our technical opinions. We compile this as CPD reading material to which we will develop questions for you. If you complete the assessment within three attempts, you will earn CPD Points. The amount of points will be confirmed once we have applied for CPD Approval. This is your Annual PlannerPartner™ CPD Assessment.

Sometimes you need a second opinion or have a quick question. Think of us as the business partner on your phone.

We will reply to your questions sent to us by 14:00 the same day and any question sent after that by 12:00pm the following day. If the question is too complex, we will advise you to request a technical opinion.

Barbara Mundell Consult (PTY) LTD is a registered FPI CPD Provider. All CPD obtained through us are verifiable and approved to be FSCA Complaint.

We will add courses to the store as they become available.

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