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CPD that suits your style and your money

At Barbara Mundell Consult we believe that CPD is at the heart of any Financial Services Professional.
It is for this reason that we offer CPD tat suits your style and your money.

CPD that is not mere regulatory compliance

CPD compliance should be fun and at the same time enhance your knowledge to ensure that you can deliver Professional Financial Planning services in a client centric environment.

It is thus for this reason that we have made CPD accessible in:

  • Face to Face interventions. Get a group together and save on cost.
  • Online courses: Pace your CPD with a dedicated CPD Plan.
  • Webinars: Participate anywhere, any time.

Engagement & Compliance

Through our range of skills and experience, we are able to assist in transforming your client journey from a compliance driven to an engagement driven process still meeting your regulatory compliance obligations.

Our experience enables us to ensure that you create clients for live instead of seeking clients for life.

Business Support

Due to our wide range of skills and abilities we can, on a consultative basis, provide assistance to the practice to enhance their processes, structure and practice management. We can assist with tax and business consulting, structuring of employee remuneration and business processes. We can assist financial planners/advisors to develop their personal value proposition.

The regulatory burden on FSP’s is every increasing. We can assist in drafting required regulations policies to ensure that FSP’s are protected as an employer and an FSP.

Technical Knowledge

Our knowledge and experience equip us to be the perfect technical support to any financial planner/ advisor on any level. From simple to complex matters, the support provided to the planner/advisor will be on a level that they understand as well as ensuring that they can accurately convey this knowledge to their clients in a simple understandable manner.

Our technical support will cover all financial planning components and properly referenced. Financial planners/advisors must understand that this is in a consultative capacity and that we are not licensed to provide advice.

You can download your fee copy from the shop.

Client Education

Education is one of the six core values that a financial planner/advisor should provide to their clients. An informed client remains a loyal client.

Our proposition will focus on digital as well as events that our planners/advisors can issue exclusive invites to attend. These sessions will never focus on product but rather about general education of financial planning related matters.

We will also assist to provide credible speakers/ present at their own arranged events too.


We will on an annual basis enroll up to ten mentees in our programme. This programme focusses on the ability of the mentee to successfully pass the CFP® Professional Competency Exam and complete the experience requirement as determined by the Financial Planning Institute over a one year period.

Barbara Mundell Consult offers business consulting to small business.  The service offering includes:

  • Service / Product Development
  • Business Management in accordance with regulations
  • Business Cash Flow Management
  • Financial Planning for Business
  • Tax Advice

We provide you with a monthly performance report of your house view funds. Subject to the certain T’s and C’s.

By the 15th of every month, we will send you a report on the performance of those funds. We will have a consultation with you after we have drafted your first report in order to help you design the report in the format you need.

We can also provide you with a portfolio report (in other words a combination of your selected funds)

We want you to use this report to help have the discussions with your clients and thus have various branding options available.

Please contact us for a personalised quote for your houseview report.

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