“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”

Steve Wynn

Affordable Payroll Management

For R29 a month per employee, we offer you access to the following:

  • Employee Self Service Functionality
  • Leave Manager
  • Monthly PAYE submission
  • Monthly UIF Submission
  • UIF Support

Recruitment Support

When hiring new recruits, we assist with the following:

  • Drafting of your recruitment policy

  • Screening of candidates & initial Interviews
  • Assessment of candidates

  • Employee credit and criminal checks.

  • Drafting of offers and employment contracts

Salary Structuring

We offer a salary structuring service that includes:

  • Tax Efficient pay structures

  • Incentive schemes

  • Staff retention program

  • Staff remuneration policies

Staff Financial Wellness

We offer your staff the following financial wellness programmes:

  • Money Management

  • Drafting of Wills

  • Financial Planning

  • Retirement Planning

Our Partnership with HR Toolkit brings you access to a HR Documents specially designed for every business owner.

HR made easy

Easy-to Implement.

HRToolkit helps you with an easy-to-implement HR solution for your business at an affordable price. This product is easy to use for any start-up or small business and consists of a set of ready-to-use HR policies, templates and documents. The solution is cost-effective and assists you in setting up employment relations correctly.

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Other services.

Business Startups

We provide you with a holistic solution to help you start your business with your vision.

Virtual CFO

With Virtual CFO we bring you the expertise your business needs at a price you can afford.

Tax Solutions

We offer a comprehensive tax planning and compliance solution for both companies & individuals.